Venue Hunting Demystified

The Event Planner's Playbook

Hello, all you brilliant and beautiful event planners and meeting gurus attending IMEX 2023!

Ah, the art of choosing the perfect event venue –finding a place where dreams come true, the parking is plentiful, and the WiFi is strong. (We’re in Silicon Valley not to flex too much but we got this tech thing down). Buckle in and join us as we help you find the perfect venue for your event.

  1. Location, Location, and Did I Mention Location? | Sure, location is important, they say. But let's face it, being in the middle of nowhere with unicorns and rainbows won't make your event a smashing success (unless it's a unicorn-themed event, then you're onto something and we want an invite). Have you been to Santa Clara? We’re right in the heart of Silicon Valley, like a superstar emerging on the scene. This prime destination brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts, giving your networking game a serious upgrade. And for some afterhours fun, the city offers diverse dining and entertainment options that are basically the icing on your event cake. And let's not forget the comfort factor – Santa Clara rolls out a red carpet of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options, ensuring every attendee's convenience and comfort are covered.
  2. Size Matters, But Not in the Way You Think. | Yes, size matters, but it's not a competition, folks. Picking a venue too large is like wearing a prom dress to a pajama party – awkward and unnecessary. Plus, who needs a venue that's so huge you need a GPS to find your own attendees? However, we just might be able to help you discover the perfect size for your event space needs. The Santa Clara Convention Center offers an expansive 302,000 square feet of meeting space for your convenience. Our facility boasts a diverse range of rooms sizes to suit your requirements. Among these rooms, the standout is the Mission City Ballroom, an exceptional and highly customizable space that covers an impressive 22,398 square feet. This premier ballroom includes 3 dedicated meeting rooms and the flexibility of 5 separate ballroom sections. Undoubtedly, the Mission City Ballroom will serve as the focal point of your event, providing a central and versatile setting. Each room in the center provides versatile and well-organized setting that ensures your attendees won't need a GPS to navigate their way through the experience.
  3. Catering: Because No One Likes Hangry Attendees. | Let's face it, hangry attendees are a formidable foe in the world of event planning. Picture this: after hours of riveting sessions, networking, and brainpower, hunger strikes can transform the calmest professionals into food-seeking beasts. Enter catering, the hero of our tale. It's more than sustenance; it's a symphony of flavors catering to diverse palates and dietary needs, creating an environment where connections are forged over shared meals. So, when planning your next event, remember well-fed attendees are happy attendees, and catering is the secret ingredient to a successful and satisfying occasion. Just FYI, we got a great catering team onsite, Levy Restaurants, that will conquer all hangry guests! Levy Restaurants embody a commitment to sustainability, sourcing from local growers and utilizing eco-friendly serving ware. They extend their compassion by partnering with local food pantries to strengthen and nurture communities. Recognized for their excellence, they offer diverse menus, including top vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, ensuring a wholesome and inclusive dining experience for all.
  4. Price: If You Have to Ask... | Budgets are like diets – everyone talks about them, but not everyone sticks to them. Venue costs can be like that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – you're not entirely sure it exists. However, Discover Santa Clara just might surprise you with an offer that won't make your accounting department faint. Just watch, our team of sales wizards know how to work some magic. 
  5. Accessibility: Avoid the Narnia Effect. | Your attendees shouldn't need a magic wardrobe to get to your event. Accessibility is vital, because no one wants to play hide-and-seek with your venue. If your event venue is harder to find than Waldo in a Where's Waldo book, you might have a problem. Santa Clara boasts a conveniently strategic location near San José Mineta International Airport, facilitating easy access for your attendees. As previously mentioned, there’s a wide variety of hotel options with over 3,000 available rooms city wide.

Time to Take Action!

So, dear event planners, after wading through a sea of options and sifting through more contracts than a lawyer at a carnival, you're probably wondering: "Is there a venue out there that truly understands my needs?" Fear not, for Discover Santa Clara is here to put your venue-related dilemmas to rest.

Why? Well, because we've got a prime location that's located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the catering that caters to everyone (yes, we are looking at you, you picky eaters), and prices that won't make your CFO break into a cold sweat.

So don't be shy! Book some time with us at this year’s IMEX. Come visit the Discover Santa Clara booth at Bayside/D2947 and let us show you why we're the diamond in the rough of event venues. Remember, life's too short for mediocre venues, so let's make your next event the stuff of legends.

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By Ben Landis
 | Marketing Manager