TEAMS Conference and Expo:

Our Top 3 Pre-Conference Game Plays

By Ben Landis, Marketing Manager

Are you gearing up for the TEAMS Conference and Expo in the Palm Beaches? Well, congratulations! You're about to embark on an exciting journey filled with networking opportunities, insightful sessions, and the chance to grab as many free pens and branded water bottles as humanly possible.

But before you walk into that conference center with your badge hanging around your neck, there are a few things you should probably do. Because, you know, you're not a rookie, right? (Well, if you are, you are the rookie of the year!)

1. Prepare for the Weather

Palm Beach, Florida—a land where weather forecasts are as predictable as a roulette wheel. You could obsessively check the weather every hour, plan your wardrobe accordingly, and then still end up in a sudden downpour or an impromptu heatwave.

It’s wise to pack a mix of clothing: comfortable, breathable outfits for the day, and a light jacket or shawl for the cooler evenings. Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the Florida sun. Staying comfortable and protected ensures you can focus on the conference content without distractions. Always be prepared for Florida's bipolar weather, or just embrace the unpredictability.

2. Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine this: you're at TEAMS, and you suddenly find yourself face to face with a potential business contact. What do you do? Well, you could have a polished elevator pitch ready, showcasing your skills, experience, and the fact that you've attended this conference to make meaningful connections. Or you could mumble something about the weather and hope they'll forget your awkwardness. Your choice!

But since we know you’re the MVP, we’re confident you will have your elevator pitch down. However, if you need some inspiration, here’s a sample elevator pitch:

“Hi, I'm [your name], and I specialize in [your area of expertise]. With [X years] of experience, I've successfully [highlight a significant achievement or milestone]. I'm passionate about [mention what drives you in your profession], and I'm eager to connect and explore potential collaboration opportunities with [insert company name of the person you are talking with.]”

Now go close that deal, you stud.

3. Google is Your New BFF (Best Fact Finder)

In the age of technology, ignorance is a choice. Before you run into the conference chaos, do some homework. Research the event, the key speakers, and the latest buzz in the industry. The more you know, the less you'll stand out as the person who thought TEAMS stood for "The Epic Annual Meeting Spectacle" (note: it doesn't — It’s Travel, Events, and Management in Sports!)

Impress others with your knowledge of the expo floor layout and dazzle them with insights into the panel discussions. Google can be your secret weapon. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Attending the TEAMS Conference and Expo is like navigating a maze of PowerPoint slides and business card exchanges. With the right attire, an elevator pitch, and a sprinkle of Google magic, you'll be ready to conquer the corporate world, one slightly less awkward interaction at a time.

We’re wishing you the best of luck, and if you want to chat with a Destination Marketing Organization with a team full of MVPs, Discover Santa Clara® will be at TEAMS. Stop by our booth and let’s build an event that is worthy of champions.

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