Savoring Santa Clara:
Jiaren Café

Community, Coffee, and Creativity

By Ben Landis, Marketing Manager

If you're driving down Homestead Rd, chances are you aren't thinking about finding a coffee shop. (Actually, you might be, especially if you're on a caffeine kick. Who knows?) However, if you pull your car into the quaint parking lot of Jackson University Plaza, alongside many other local businesses, you will discover a hidden gem in Santa Clara—Jiaren Café.

This coffee shop has more to offer than meets the eye. As you walk in, you're greeted by a well-decorated and inviting space, accompanied by the enticing aroma of freshly brewed lattes. Right after that, you're warmly welcomed by the owner, Jaden Zhao, who is eager to serve up your favorite coffee and tea beverages. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Zhao and learn more about Jiaren Café and its mission.

Jiaren Café is a non-profit coffee shop with the goal of supporting female leadership and wellness. Originally, Zhao would host events on the side in spaces such as convention centers, but eventually, she decided that she needed her own space. Thus, the idea of opening a coffee shop was born.

When you think of a community gathering place, a neighborhood coffee shop comes to mind. Zhao prides herself on serving a diverse customer base in Santa Clara. Whether you're a creative freelancer, a local Santa Clara University student, or someone looking to unwind after a busy day, there's a spot for you.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of trying the “Iced Dirty Matcha Latte” with boba—a truly delightful experience. The first sip revealed the use of high-quality ingredients, particularly noticeable in the Matcha. (For those unaware of what Matcha is, it is a drink made from a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves.)

Zhao mentioned that they add a double shot of espresso on top of regular matcha tea drink to create the Dirty Matcha Latte. Additionally, this drink is lightly sweetened with a simple syrup to bring out the flavors.

And just when you thought that a café with delicious artisan teas and lattes was enough, Jiaren adorns its walls and countertops with various arts and crafts from local women entrepreneurs that are available for purchase.

To further their mission of women empowerment and wellness, Jiaren has an 800 square foot yoga studio, Jiaren Yoga Studio, attached to their café. A majority of the classes at the studio are led by female yogis. There are various ways to sign up for a class, ranging from single classes, class packages, to recurring memberships.

Additionally, Jiaren prides itself on a continuous flow of events, including Latte Art Classes, digital art classes, pop-ups, fundraisers, and more. You can keep track of all the events on Eventbrite.

Jiaren is a unique space where community, coffee, wellness, and creativity converge. After spending more than half an hour inside the café, it was easy to see what makes it such a special and beloved space within the Santa Clara community. To experience Jiaren Café and Yoga Studio for yourself, stop by; we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Address: 1171 Homestead Rd #140b, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Visit the websites below for more information on Jiaren Café and Yoga Studio and the various events.

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