5 Athletic Facilities in Santa Clara

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Santa Clara, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is known for its tech giants and innovation. But beyond the hustle and bustle of the tech world, this vibrant city boasts a surprising number of recreational facilities and parks. Today, we're going to introduce you to five hidden gems in Santa Clara that you may or may not have heard of yet.

  1. Santa Clara Convention Center |The Santa Clara Convention Center is an exceptional venue for hosting sporting events, and here's why it's a top choice.  The Convention Center boasts over 300,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, making it well-suited for accommodating large groups and a diverse array of indoor sports. From volleyball and badminton to gymnastics, dance competitions, yoga, cheerleading competitions, bodybuilding, and martial arts exhibitions, this venue can cater to a wide range of athletic activities. Additionally, the Convention Center offers convenient amenities for athletes and performers, including green rooms and prep rooms tailored to their specific needs. Throughout the event, attendees can enjoy easy access to multiple concessions stands throughout the building, ensuring everyone stays energized and refreshed. Furthermore, for those seeking customized catering solutions, the Convention Center provides the option to create a personalized catering plan with their partner, Levy Restaurants. The Santa Clara Convention Center is passionate about hosting competitive events, making it a top choice for sporting competitions. Whether you're an athlete actively participating or a spectator soaking in excitement, this venue provides everything required for a successful and enjoyable sports event experience. 
    Address: 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054
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  2. Mission College | Amidst the dynamic landscape of Santa Clara, Mission College shines as a beacon of athletic excellence. This institution offers a diverse range of sports facilities that cater to the passions and pursuits of its students. Mission College boasts a range of sports facilities, including tennis courts, a baseball field, three softball fields, and a cutting-edge gymnasium. Renowned as one of the state's premier tennis complexes, the facility boasts eight illuminated courts, setting a standard for excellence. Adding to its allure, the complex includes a practice court furnished with an Am-Ten ball machine, catering to players' training needs. Over time, this facility has played host to conference and regional tournaments, even earning the honor of hosting the Men's Regional Tennis Tournament in May of 2000. The baseball field at Mission College has proven itself a ground for championships. A unique partnership with the city of Santa Clara has led to a collaborative endeavor, ensuring that the field serves both the community and the college's athletics program. This shared commitment to accessibility underscores the college dedication to fostering community engagement through sports. 
    Address: 3000 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
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  3. International Swim Center | The George F. Haines International Swim Center has served as a training ground for world-class athletes, including Olympic swimmers, divers, and synchronized swimmers. Throughout the year, this state-of-the-art facility provides opportunities for adult noon hour swim, adult lap swimming, and senior swim sessions. Additionally, during the summer months, it offers public swim sessions suitable for all age groups.
    For more information regarding aquatics programs in Santa Clara visit City of Santa Clara’s website. 
    Address: 2625 Patricia Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95051

  4. Youth Soccer Park | Adjacent to Levi's Stadium, the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park, spanning 10.8 acres, features three well-lit regulation-size soccer fields. While two of these fields boast natural grass surfaces, the third field is equipped with top-of-the-line artificial sports turf. This artificial surface enables year-round practice and gameplay, unaffected by various weather conditions. The park's amenities also include a spacious off-street parking lot capable of accommodating up to 100 cars. Moreover, there's a 7,000 sq. ft. soccer building on-site, complete with concessions, restrooms, showers, lockers, and meeting rooms, enhancing the overall experience for players and visitors alike. 
    Address: 5020 Stars and Stripes Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054

  5. Washington Park | Washington Park is home to a night-lighted baseball field, where Santa Clara Pony Baseball calls home. This 3.5-acre facility is situated right next to Buchser Middle School, a property owned by the Santa Clara Unified School District. In close proximity, you'll also find the illuminated Elmer Johnson Softball Field, spanning 2.0 acres, and the Townsend Football Field, which covers 1.0 acre, both conveniently located on the Buchser Middle School campus. It's worth noting that the City of Santa Clara has played an active role in enhancing these facilities. Specifically, the City constructed the Elmer Johnson Softball Field and installed two outdoor handball courts. Furthermore, they undertook a remodeling and upgrade project for both the Townsend Football Field and the Washington Park Baseball Field. 
    Address: 270 Washington Street Santa Clara, CA 95050

While Silicon Valley may be synonymous with technology and innovation, Santa Clara's recreational facilities offer a different kind of richness. These hidden gems provide residents and visitors with opportunities for outdoor fun, relaxation, and sports. Whether you're seeking solitude in a tranquil garden or the thrill of a soccer match, Santa Clara's recreational facilities have something for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself in this dynamic city, be sure to explore these five unique spots and discover the vibrant recreational scene Santa Clara has to offer.

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By Ben Landis | Marketing Manager

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